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No. Anyone can get them, but principally older individuals. Now folks turn out to be online and buy the drugs they want. What do it is advisable do for buy glucophage sr eye floaters? Sure, you possibly can have eye at a early age. Yes, some medications have to be completely averted throughout pregnancy. Eye floaters are varieties and some of them are treatable with medications and different are treated by surgical operation. Does Vitamin A and Vitamin C help do away with eye floaters? Everyone has some floaters. How lengthy do eye floaters final? If you are seeing flashes however, you might have larger than normal stress in the eye. What causes eye flashes and floaters? Can zomig trigger eye floaters? I've had floaters since I was 29. That was like 20 years ago. If their dad and mom have eye floaters, it is most likely that this might occur. If a thirteen year previous has Eye Floaters what ought to he do? Is it normal for a 9 12 months old to see lots of eye floaters? If by floaters you imply spots in your eye it might depend upon if there's alot of them or just a few.